Sunrise at Miami

As a kid, I have always cherished watching the sunset, especially from the beach.  My native house used to be pretty close to the beach and I could literally walk to the beach.  Going to the beach was (and it still is) my favorite activity.  I had so many fond memories there – relishing the scenic view of the sunset, admiring how the waves came crashing towards my feet, as if they were welcoming my arrival.  I have had several conversations with these waves over the years, they make me feel positive, calm & happy!!! They take me away to a whole new world filled with peace and bliss.      

Back then, we were on the west coast of India, which meant we could only see the sunset in the backdrop of the sea.  So, as a kid I used to wonder what it would be to see the sunrise from the same position.  This wish of mine came true when we visited the beach city – Miami!!!!

As I entered my hotel room at Miami, which was on the 17th floor, I was absolutely spellbound by the view through the window….. the majestic blue sea! What made the view so magnificent was that the room had a floor-to-ceiling window (with the ability to open a small window, perhaps to listen or talk to the waves 😊) and because of the elevation (i.e., the 17th floor), I could literally feel as if I am in some kind of a boat, right between the ocean… The feeling was Just Wow!!!  That’s the time I pondered – Hey!!! This is an opportunity to see the sunrise at the backdrop of the sea. 

Needless to say, I woke up early the next morning, filled with enthusiasm and then as I heard the waves beating against the shore, I got even more excited to capture the breath-taking view. As the sun slowly peeked out of the sea…I felt like I was more closer to the Sun than ever before.   All of this made the moment truly special!! I was enthralled by the mesmerizing view and did not blink an eye.

As I was reminiscing my travel diaries and looking at these pictures, I came across this video that I thought would be worth sharing with all of you today.  Hope it brings the same amount of calmness (if not more) to your mind, just the way it bought to mine 😊

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