When I hear the word ‘Nagara Panchami’ or as they say in Mumbai, ‘Nag Panchami’, a festival celebrated in the honour of ‘Serpant Gods’, the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘Manjal Erata Adde’ !!!!! That’s how these delicious, mouth-watering dumplings are called in my native place – Mangalore, India.

This festival is widely celebrated all across India.  If you want to learn more about this festival, here is the link to Wikipedia

Coming back to my experience of this festival – During this festival, apart from visiting temples and offering pooja, we also prepare my favourite – ‘Manjal Erata Adde’, a delicacy made of rice flour dough, coconut, jaggery and cardamom powder.  This is first offered to God as ‘Prasada’ to invoke blessings, and then consumed by family members.

I look forward to this festival every year, and luckily enough, even during corona crisis, we managed to get turmeric leaves. 😊 Hence could prepare this with same amount of excitement.

I will be sharing the recipe shortly, for now sharing the process in brief

Process in brief – Rice dough is spread across the turmeric leaf and coconut mixture is then applied over it. The leaf is then folded, in a way that the rice dough encloses the said mixture like a sandwich and steamed. That’s it… now just wait for the magic… the flavors and aroma of turmeric leaves blend in making this a delectable delight!!!! (I know the recipe is very brief and does not really give away the method of preparing the dumplings, but I promise to come back with a detailed video and explanation on how this beauty is actually prepared).

Take Care & Happy cooking!!!

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