New York City

An iconic travel destination !!!

One afternoon, I was having my lunch, in Mumbai, with an old friend who I had not met in years and as we were talking about various random topics from what the other folks were doing… to various food joints we had been to…. to holiday destinations we would like to visit and so on and so forth. That’s when my friend mentioned, “I want to visit New York City….. at least once”. And how much he had seen about New York on YouTube and social media channels.

“When you hear someone’s desperate yearning to experience something, it hits you that you are so fortunate to have already passed that milestone.”

As my friend was describing all this, I was thinking to myself how grateful I am to have visited this iconic location not just once but twice 🙂 Later, I did tell him that I had actually travelled to NYC and the various things that you could to there. Sharing those memories through this blog (and few more to come).

Manhattan Skyline

I loved each and every moment that I spent at this spectacular place. The yellow taxis, the iconic buildings, Central Park – a common visual in most of the Movies – Visiting these locations felt unreal (as in, on several occasions, I had to literally pinch and tell myself that I am actually in New York and not watching some Hollywood movie… yes it does look as it is in the movies😊).

As I was stepping out of the Airport, I remember the chilling breeze hitting my face – the weather was around 8°C and that too in the month March!!!! Needless to say, for someone from Mumbai (India), this is cold enough to freeze me!!!!

And I pondered… if this is the state of weather in the month of March, how unimaginably cold the weather would be in winter months of December and January.  Staying with the topic of weather… I was having mixed feelings – also was wondering if I could actually see it snow here 😊

Such was the dichotomy of my emotions that on one hand I was shivering like anything and on the flip side I was excited at the thought of witnessing snow 😊

The next day, it was as if the universe had truly heard my prayers, it started snowing !!!

Witnessing snowfall for the first time in my life 🙂

The experience was magical, and I couldn’t be more grateful for such a simple desire as seeing snow in New York.

Although it snowed just for a couple of hours, that moment will be etched in my heart forever.

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