Road Trips – Shirdi

We visited Shirdi a while ago (sacred temple in the state of Maharashtra).

While driving around Sinnar Village in Nashik on our way back, our eyes were drawn to this spectacular picturesque beauty!!!

Marigold fields along the way

The roads were surrounded with stunning flower fields and vegetable plantations. They were these visual delights that instantly made us slow down the vehicle and stop for a while.

Although the journey back home was taking its toll, the scenic beauty compelled me to get out of the car and take these photos. I’d like to share the same with all of you.

BTW, they were these beautiful vegetable fields, where farmers were selling the produce. They were not only fresh from the fields (quite literally from the fields 🙂 ) but they were also being sold very cheap.

Some of them as low as 1/3rd or even 1/4th the market price (I can now imagine the margins these middle men make). There was no way we were skipping them; as we bought bag full of these fresh produce.

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